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AccuRx Patient Triage: Patient guide

Patient Triage: NHS App Patient Guide

Patient Guide to Patient Triage: How to submit a medical request (YouTube video)

Patient Guide to Patient Triage: How to submit an admin request (YouTube video)

AccuRx Patient Triage is an online consultation tool that allows patients to submit either a medical query or an administrative request to their registered GP practice.

When you use AccuRx Patient Triage you will have 4 different options:

  • I have an admin query - Contact us about a fit (sick) note, ask about test results, or anything else admin related
  • I want help for a medical issue - Contact us about a new or ongoing symptom
  • I want to see online advice - See advice and guidance on conditions, symptoms, and treatments
  • I want to refer myself - See local services that you can self-refer to

As explained above, from the 1st June, before being offered a GP appointment, you will need to submit a medical request in order for a GP to triage your clinical need. When submitting a request to get help regarding a medical issue, you will be asked to provide the following:

  • A description of the medical problem - please provide as much detail as possible. (Option to attach up to 5 photos)
  • Describe how long you have experienced symptoms or had concerns, as well as whether these symptoms/concerns have gotten better or worse.
  • Describe whether there is anything you are particularly worried about. *
  • How you would like your GP practice to help.
  • List times that you are not available during GP opening times. *

* = are optional fields and do not require you to enter any information if you don’t want/need to.

Yes - once you have answered the questions relevant to your request, you will be asked who the request is about. If you select “Myself” you will be asked for your details. If you select “Someone else” you will be asked to provide your own details along with the details of the person for whom you are submitting the request. 

Selecting this option “I have an admin query” will allow you to:

  • Request a doctor's note
  • Request a fit (sick) note
  • Ask questions or get an update on a referral
  • Request your Repeat Prescription
  • Follow-up on Test Results (Blood Test, Scans, etc.)
  • Any other advice or information that is not medically related

You can access AccuRx Patient Triage via the following link  - AccuRx Patient Triage. You can also access AccuRx Patient Triage via the NHS App.

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