Coils & Implants

If you would like to have a coil or an implant, please make an appointment with one of our GPs to discuss this. You will then be placed on a waiting list, and Jo, one of our receptionists, will contact you to arrange an appointment in our Coil/Implant clinic. Dr Lawrence fits coils and implants, Dr Kitchen and Dr Hodges fit implants only.

Intrauterine System (Coil) Patient Information Leaflet

Contraceptive Implant Patient Information Leaflet

Advice for women seeking contraception, abortion and other sexual and reproductive healthcare

For more information on coils, visit our page, I would like a coil fit/exchange

Depo Provera & Sayana Press

The practice is currently in the process of offering patients who are currently using the contraceptive depo-provera to switch to SAYANA PRESS.

Sayana Press is a form of depot which can be self-administered every 13 weeks. It contains exactly the same hormone as depo-provera and therefore has the same side-effect profile, but can be given by the patient at home, hopefully saving time for the patient and saving the practice almost 200 nurse appointments per year.

Patients will be offered to switch at their next routine depot appointment with the nurse. At that time you will be shown how to inject and be issued with your next Sayana Press to self-inject 3 months later. Sayana Press is then added to your repeat prescriptions. You will continue to have monitoring with the GP every 2 years as you would with depo-provera.

Below is an instruction video on how to inject Sayana Press, in case you need a reminder when the time comes to inject it yourself:

Further information is available on:, and which also has more training videos for patients. Or you can download this step-by-step patient self-administration guide here.

Contraceptive Pill Checks

If you are taking the contraceptive pill, it is important to have regular reviews which include checking your blood pressure, weight and smoking history.

Not having these checks may delay your request for a repeat prescription when it is next due, so it is important that you have your pill check when it is due.

You do not have to make an appointment with the nurse in order to have your pill check. You can now have your pill check using our Surgery POD, which can take your blood pressure, weigh you, and allows you to answer some questions about your health which will then be saved to your patient record. If you would prefer to see a nurse for your pill check, you are still welcome to do so. Please speak to reception if you need to make an appointment.

Please note: using the POD to complete your pill check is only recommended for patients who are not having any issues with their contraceptive pill. One of the questions that the POD will ask you is, “Are you experiencing any irregular bleeding?” If you would answer “Yes” to this question, we recommend that you book to see a nurse for your pill check as normal. 

Sexual Health

Leeds Sexual Health, a new service that offers Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) screening and treatment, HIV testing and contraception services, opened in July 2015.
The Contraception and Sexual Health Service (CaSH), Genito-Urinary Medicine service (GUM), and Yorkshire MESMAC have come together as Leeds Sexual Health to provide you with a new, improved and easy to access service.

Visit for more information on sexual health, including contraception, STIs, and pregnancy.

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