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Latest News

Patient Notice

After a long and successful career as a GP, Dr Christopher Ade is retiring from the profession.

Dr Ade has been a valued member of the Crossley Street team for the last 9 years and we know he will be much missed by patients and colleagues.

We all wish him well for the future.

Any patients who saw Dr Ade on regular basis are free to make an appointment with any member of the team to continue their care.

Leeds Patient Participation Group (PPG) Network - Support Group Meeting

Monday 29 April 2019
5:45pm – 8pm
Wetherby Town Hall (LS22 6NE)

The PPG Network meets on a monthly basis. The aim of the group is to work on developing initiatives, new ideas and addressing concerns. The group is there to support the main aim of the PPG Network, which is to improve the provision of PPGs across the city of Leeds.

The group is a great opportunity to meet fellow PPG members and seek advice, share good practice and offer support.

For more information, click here

New Telephones

As you may be aware, we had a whole new telephone system installed at the practice in March. These phones have been rolled out at all practices in Leeds by the CCG.

As with any new technology, these new phones work differently to our old system. We are currently trying to iron out the kinks, so we would appreciate everyone’s patience during this time! Soon we will have the ability to tell you where you are in the queue of people calling the surgery.

This will help you decide whether you are happy to wait in the queue or whether you would prefer to call back later.

As always, we are a very busy surgery and we experience an extremely high volume of calls. In an effort to alleviate some of the pressure from the telephones, please could we remind you of the following:

  • You can book GP appointments and blood tests using SystmOnline
  • If your call is for something other than an appointment and isn’t urgent, don’t phone at 8am, as this is when our phones are busiest
  • You can also contact us by e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Any emails received will be acknowledged within two working days, however a full response to your enquiry may take longer. Please note we cannot correspond on medical matters via email at this time
  • You can now contact us contact us via eReception from your computer, tablet or smartphone — for more information please visit our homepage
  • If our phones are very busy, please do not attempt to “jump the queue” by choosing the option to speak to a secretary — they will not be able to help you with your query, nor are they able to transfer you to reception. You will be asked to call back and choose the correct option

National Bowel Scope Screening Programme

Harrogate, Leeds and York Bowel Cancer Screening Centre has been selected as a Third Wave site for the commencement of ‘Bowel Scope screening’ for all men and women aged 55 years. Patients who are registered at this practice aged 55 years will be invited to participate in the new bowel cancer screening national programme. Eligible participants will be invited for screening approximately 2 months following their 55th birthday.

Invitations will be sent out offering a one-off appointment for a Bowel Scope (flexible sigmoidoscopy) test. Participants will need to confirm they are attending the appointment using the confirmation slip attached to their invitation letter, or by ringing the North East Bowel Cancer Screening Hub. Appointments can be changed if the date or time is not suitable. If the invitee chooses not to participate at the time of their 55th birthday they can opt in at any time up to the age of 60.

For more information, click here to read the Bowel Scope Screening information leaflet. This leaflet aims to help you make a choice about whether to have bowel scope screening. It includes information about why the NHS offers bowel scope screening, what to expect from it, and the possible benefits and risks for you.

Extended Access

Extended Access Clinics are now available, including weekend appointments with GPs, Nurses, and HCAs. These are held at Wetherby Health Centre on a Saturday morning and can be booked by our patients. Please note this is not a walk-in service and you will need to book an appointment in advance.

These are pre-bookable, routine appointments. For more information please speak to a member of reception.

Click here for more information.

Complaints About the Extended Access Service

If you have a complaint about the service you have received from the Extended Access Service, you can download a Guide to Making a Complaint by clicking here. This guide explains how to make a complaint, and includes a complaint form for you to fill out.

Diabetes – Developing a diabetes strategy for Leeds

The NHS in Leeds is asking people what they’d like to see in a new diabetes strategy for the city.

The strategy will outline plans to reduce the number of people in Leeds who develop the condition and identify everyone who has it, while also looking at how we can support people with diabetes to live a fulfilling life.

The CCG is asking anyone with an interest in shaping the future of diabetes prevention and care to take part in a survey – www.smartsurvey.co.uk/s/leedsdiabetes2018

For more information, please visit Diabetes – Developing a diabetes strategy for Leeds


Please note, that we will no longer be performing audiograms in the surgery. These are available free on the NHS at the following locations for adults 18 and older.

Free Hearing Tests on the NHS:

Boots Wetherby or Harrogate 0845 270 1600

Spec Savers Wetherby 01937 545 370
Spec Savers Harrogate 01423 564 515

To clarify, you DO NOT need a GP referral in order to have a hearing test at one of the above locations. If however, after the hearing test, you need a hearing aid on the NHS, this will require a referral from your GP (unless you choose to have a hearing aid fitted privately). Please speak to reception if you need a referral for a hearing aid.


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We've Updated Our Privacy Policy

Click here to read our Privacy Policy and learn how we collect and use your data.

Non-Emergency Transport Criteria

In keeping with other NHS organisations we can now only arrange non emergency transport for those patients who have a clinically stated medical need that prevents them using private or public transport.

In future, our reception team will need to ensure you meet the set criteria before agreeing to arrange your transport and will enquire if you are able to make your own way or can make alternative arrangement via friends or family. For more information, click here.

Online Blood Test Appointments

You can now book your blood test appointment online. If you have a SystmOnline account, you can book an appointment for a blood test in the same way that you can book an appointment with a GP.

Please note that these appointments are for blood tests ONLY, and the Health Care Assistant is unable to check your blood pressure, your weight, or anything else in these appointments. You can however have your blood pressure and weight checked on the surgery POD while you are at the practice.

Crossley Street on Twitter and Facebook

Crossley Street Surgery now has a Twitter account and a Facebook page. If you would like to follow us, click below:

Car Parking

As you may have experienced yourself, car parking at Crossley Street can be challenging. We only have a limited number of parking spaces, and this problem is often compounded by those taking up spaces when they are not visiting the surgery.

We appreciate that it can be frustrating when there are no free spaces, but please can we ask that you do not park on the yellow hatches, or on the double yellow lines along the side of the surgery. This can make it difficult for emergency services to access the surgery, and also puts your car at risk of being damaged.

The large car park across the road from the surgery offers free parking for up to 2 hours. So, if our car park is full, please consider using this, thank you.

Accessible Information

The Accessible Information Standard is a new ‘information standard’ for implementation by all organisations that provide NHS or adult social care. It aims to ensure that people who have a disability or sensory loss receive information that they can access and understand, for example in large print, or via email, and professional communication support if they need it, for example from a British Sign Language interpreter.

Individuals most likely to be affected by the Standard include people who are blind or d/Deaf, who have some hearing or visual loss, people who are deafblind, and people with a learning disability. However, this list is not exhaustive.

If you have information or communication needs relating to a disability, impairment or sensory loss, or if you are a parent or carer for someone who has such information or communication needs, please ask reception for a Communication Needs form and we will ensure that your needs are recorded.

Patient Experience Survey

Click here to view our Patient Experience Survey Results 2016/2017. The practice has reviewed all the results in detail with both staff and the PPG and is now working towards making improvements in those areas where patients have expressed concerns.

Thank you to all patients who took part in this survey.

28 Day Prescriptions

Crossley Street Surgery is in the process of moving all patients to a 28 day cycle for all repeat medications. For more information, please click here.


We are supporting the work of InterCare, a charity that recycles surplus quality medical supplies and donates aid to African health units.

UPDATE: Please note, Intercare are NO LONGER able to accept medicines. You can find a list of what items can be donated here.

If you wish to know more about InterCare, please visit their website by clicking here.

Risk Profiling

Crossley Street Surgery is taking part in a new NHS service that helps your GP to spot whether you need more help to manage your health. This service is called “Risk Profiling”.

Using information from your health records, a secure NHS computer system will look at any recent treatments you have had in hospital or at this surgery, and any existing health conditions that you have, and alert your doctor to the likelihood of a possible future hospital admission. This information will help you get early care and treatment where it is needed.

If you don’t want your information being used in this way, or have any other concerns, please contact Beth Congreave, IT Administrator, at the practice.