Thank you to all our patients who participated in the 2023 Patient Survey. Below are the results of the survey. 

In May we introduced a brand-new system for requesting GP appointments. We have been using AccuRx Patient Triage for over 3 months now, so we asked patient to answer questions based on their contact with the practice over the last 3 months, since we introduced AccuRx Patient Triage.

  • Absolutely brilliant. You can fill in the details about the issue and it allows the doctors to decide the best course of action. So you also feel you are not wasting the doctor's time and you are able to see the relevant doctor. Ideal especially for concerns which don't always need an urgent appointment but you need to see a doctor at some point. I hope it works as well for you as it does for the patient.
  • Love it! Hated having to call at 8, only to be on hold until the poor receptionists caught up. This system is so much better, especially being able to articulate what you are worried about/what outcome is ideal. 
  • I think this has improved getting an appointment and feel that everyone will benefit as the most urgent requests will be given priority. So much better than trying to call at 8am and sometimes being asked to call the next day. 
  • Used twice so far. And on both occasions I've had a quick call back and have avoided the need to come in to surgery and take up a valuable appointment. Great so far. 
  • AccuRx reduces the need to telephone the practice at 8.00am in order to obtain an appointment which usually can take up to 30 minutes to get through and involves constant re-dialling. 
  • I think it has improved the chance of actually getting an appointment. I approve of it being based on a triage system, as I am a rather complicated patient. 
  • I am hard of hearing and find telephones difficult. Using the online version is perfect for me and causes me no stress. It's a great improvement. 
  • Triaging patients seems to be the logical way forward, not wasting GP time on appointments which can be served on an alternative way. 
  • This system is far better than the previous system of trying to telephone on the morning. I cannot rate it highly enough! 
  • This triage system really works in many situations. I can see benefits for both the practice and the patients. 
  • So much better than the old system! Many of my queries have been sorted without an appointment. 
  • I do prefer the new appointment system. It's much better than the previous 8.00 am scramble! 
  • I have found the system very efficient and also less stressful than staying on hold for ages 
  • I think it's a good way to triage patients if they need to be seen that day or not. 
  • Massive improvement, love being able to ask specifically what I am looking for. 
  • It takes away the stress of the early morning telephone scramble. 
  • Huge improvement over the previous method of booking an appointment. 
  • Excellent was far less stressful than booking by phone. 
  • Am impressed with the quick response I received. 
  • It is an improvement from my perspective. 
  • I find it easy, better that ringing. 

In July we launched a new and updated practice website, which was designed to be more user-friendly and easier to navigate. We asked patient to answer questions based on our new website.

Pie_Chart_6.jpeg Pie_Chart_6.jpeg
  • A big advantage in many ways!
  • Easy to navigate. Maybe update more frequently.
  • I find the Web Site quite useful.
  • I really like the section on doctors and their specialism, this has helped me with the last couple of appointments, as I was able to see who specialised in the problems I was having.
  • It's very user friendly. I like seeing the overview of GPS and their specialisms.
  • Love the new website - better laid out than the "old" one.
  • User friendly and helps communication with the practice.
  • The triage approval via the internet is a good system. Much better than using the phone! Keep at it. In principle it gives a far better service.

We asked patients questions about our Patient Participation Group to find out what our patients know about the group and how it is involved with the practice.

Pie_Chart_8.jpeg Pie_Chart_9.jpeg Pie_Chart_10.jpeg
  • Yes - I need to read information on notice boards and advise practice of comments as appropriate
  • Having been a member of the PPG at Harrogate Trust, I believe the work done is very valuable. If I have more time in the future I will volunteer.
  • I know about it now. I might be interested in helping.
  • Keep up the good work.
  • Doing admirable work.
  • I will look for notices in future.


  • A date that was available sooner
  • Appointments not always available - or date offered not suitsbke
  • Because the vaccination is offered early than the surgery
  • Easier to get at chemist
  • I was approached by the pharmacy prior to my GP practice
  • It's quicker to get it at the chemist usually
  • Local pharmacy
  • More convenient time slots
  • Was able to get vaccinated sooner than when the surgery was offering.
  • Wherever is soonest and most convenient


Below we would like to address some of the more unfavourable comments we received in relation to the new AccuRx Triage system.

Go back to old system.


What many of our patients may not realise is that our previous GP appointment system was inefficient and unfair to a lot of patients. Appointments were not allocated to the patients who needed them, but to the patients who were lucky enough to be at the front of the queue at 8am each morning. Our new system ensures that every patient that needs an appointment is offered an appointment, because a GP is triaging the requests and making that clinical decision.

Poor and discriminates against old user who are the main ones who need the appointments.


This system does not discriminate against older patients. We would like to reiterate that any patient who is unable to complete the form themselves can still speak to reception who will complete the form on their behalf. This new system benefits older patients, because our phone lines are now quieter, due to most patients being able to complete the form online instead of calling the practice. This means that our reception team now have more time and capacity to assist older patients who need the form completing for them.

I am not a Luddite but think it's a step too far! I was feeling in too much pain to sit down and fill in a form online and fortunately the receptionist did this for me resulting in a triaged appointment face to face within 2 hours. The prospect of potentially waiting for 2 days was not acceptable.


We think it’s really important for patients to understand that if you ask our reception team to complete the form for you, this does not result in a faster response. All requests are triaged the exact same way regardless of who has submitted them. Our reception team are completing the exact same form that is on our website. If you can complete the form yourself this is much more efficient and will result in a quicker response than calling the surgery, waiting to speak to a receptionist, and asking them to complete the form for you.

The form is difficult to find and fill in.


We are sorry that some patients have found the form difficult to locate on our website. We have strived to make the form as easy as possible to find, and it is in fact the very first thing that you see when you visit our website.

I do not wish to be asked to complete forms when I simply like to request an appointment with Crossley Street Surgery Doctor.


Unfortunately, we never have and never will have the capacity to give a GP appointment to every single patient who wants one. For many years now, our reception team have been asking patients the reason for their appointment so they can be appropriately booked in. The only difference now is that a GP is reviewing the reason and can make a clinical decision as to what the best course of action is for the patient.

The AccuRx system isn't good. The previous system whereby you could speak to a receptionist who would then arrange for a GP to call or for an appointment was better. AccuRx delays things and is more likely to result in someone who needs to be seen not getting the appointment they need. The time taken with AccuRx where a GP has to triage and then allocate appointments etc is a waste of their time.


Our GPs are actually extremely satisfied with the AccuRx Triage system and the way it works. They have all expressed what an improvement it has been for them. The system is not a waste of their time, and rather than delaying things, we are inundated with comments from patients saying how pleasantly surprised they were at how quickly they got a response to their request.

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