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Friends and Family Test Results

In our Friends and Family Test, we ask just one question:

We would like you to think about your recent experience of our service. How likely are you to recommend our GP practice to friends and family if they needed similar care of treatment?

Here are our results from June.

Extremely likely – 87.3%
Likely – 8.8%
Neither likely nor unlikely – 1.8%
Unlikely – 0.8%
Extremely unlikely – 1.1%
Don't know – 0.2%

There is also an optional question:

Could you tell us why you gave that answer?

Here are some of the comments we received: 

“The doctor was very thorough, attentive and knowledgeable.  She also had a caring and compassionate manner.”

“I felt very listened to, they offered me an appointment and organised a temporary registration for me as I was very unwell and I appreciate it a lot, all the staff from the reception to the doctors are so friendly and approachable.”

“Clear, precise answer and good information given.”

“Having to book online, understandable, but very stressful. However, the receptionists are very helpful and pleasant.”

“The doctor was polite, helpful and listened.”

“Felt respected and was treated in a friendly helpful manner.”

“Appointment with HCA for diabetes review. Thorough check with Sylvia - who was professional, friendly and approachable.”

“My questions were answered and I was given appropriate advice. The pharmacist was caring and understanding. The process of arranging blood test, getting results and then follow up was easy and efficient.”

“Dr Salisbury is consistently brilliant.”

“All good except appt was 35 mins late.  I understand but it was irritating at the time.”

“Doctor listened to my symptoms and explained very well what he hoped to do to help recovery. He was so comforting.”

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