Thank you for booking your COVID-19 Vaccination appointments. Please remember the following:

  • The Vaccination Clinic is at Wetherby Health Centre, not at Crossley Street.
    Wetherby Health Centre is behind Morrisons, on Hallfield Lane (see flyer below).
  • Please wear a face mask or face covering.
  • It will help us if you wear clothing that gives easy access to your upper arm.
  • We are trying to limit use of our toilets, so if possible, go before you leave home.
  • Do not bring unnecessary bags or belongings into the building.
  • Read the Patient Information leaflet prior to your appointment.
  • Don’t come if you have COVID symptoms

As it is a new vaccine, we are advised that all patients should be observed for 15 minutes after having it. If someone is coming with you please let them know that your appointment will take around 30 minutes.

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