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From 27/07/17 Leeds City Council are carrying out a full reconstruction of St James Street as it is not suitable for the weight of the vehicles it has to carry. During the process they will dig out the whole road and rebuild it with stronger materials. A full road closure will be in place 24 hours a day for 6 weeks.

There will be a diversion in place along the High Street down to the roundabout near the bridge and then back up towards the Market Place and West Gate. There will also be traffic lights in situ at the junction where the A661 at the bottom of Spofforth Hill joins Crossley Street. As far as we’re aware we will still have full access to the surgery.


Thank you


Patient Participation Group

For details of our Patient Participation Group, please click here


Patient Newsletter

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Previous Patient Newsletter: April 2017


Patient Experience Survey

Click here to view our Patient Experience Survey Results 2016/2017. The practice has reviewed all the results in detail with both staff and the PPG and is now working towards making improvements in those areas where patients have expressed concerns.

Thank you to all patients who took part in this survey.


Surgery Closures

The surgery will be closed on the following afternoons for training purposes:

  • Thursday 29th June
  • Thursday 20th July
  • No closure in August
  • Thursday 7th September

When calling the surgery after 12pm on any of the above dates, you will be put through directly to the Out of Hours Service. Please be sure to allow plenty of notice for ordering repeat prescriptions. Please note that Day Lewis pharmacy will remain open on the Thursday afternoons when the practice is closed.


Wasted Appointments in June

Last month, the number of GP & Nurse appointments where the patient did not attend was:


This was equal to:

13 hours and 55 minutes

If you are not able to attend your appointment for any reason, please do let us know, so that your appointment time can be used by somebody else.

If you provide us with an up-to-date mobile number, we can send you appointment reminders by text, and you can cancel your appointments by text as well.


GP Specialties

Dr Hall - Diabetes, dermatology, musculoskeletal / joint injections (knees, shoulders & elbows), & minor surgery

Dr Rickwood - Musculoskeletal / sports medicine & joint injections (all)

Dr Frith - Women’s health, atrial fibrillation, & medicine / prescribing

Dr Salisbury - Mental health, dermatology, joint injections (shoulders, knees, tennis elbow & plantar fasciitis), & minor surgery

Dr Ade - Respiratory medicine, minor surgery, & palliative care

Dr Payne - Rheumatoid arthritis & joint injections (knee, shoulder, elbow, carpal tunnel, trigger finger/thumb, & hip (trochanteric bursitis))

Dr Kitchen - Contraception (implants) & memory / dementia

Dr Lawrence - Diabetes & women’s health (coils & implants)

Dr Fraser - Women’s health


Carers Newsletter: May/June

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