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Vaccination charges

Tetanus 1 combined injection No charge
Polio (Combined with tetanus) No charge
Diphtheria (Combined with tetanus) No charge
Hepatitis A 1 injection No charge
Typhoid 1 injection No charge
Hepatitis A and Typhoid combined 1 injection No charge
Private Prescription
Hepatitis B Course of 3 Currently unavailable
Rabies Course of 3 £50.00 each injection
Japanese B Encephalitis Course of 2 Purchase cost of injection
plus £11 Admin Fee
Tick-borne Encephalitis   Purchase cost of injection
plus £11 Admin Fee
Cholera Course of 2 (oral) On prescription
Meningitis ACWY 1 injection (2 if under 2yrs of age) £30.00

If you are travelling to an area that has malaria you will be advised to take anti-malarial tablets (prophylaxis). There is resistance to some of the malaria prophylaxis in some areas of the world so it is important that you take the recommended anti-malarials for that area. Some malaria tablets are only available on private prescription as they are not funded by the NHS. Please be aware that you will have to pay for the prescription from the Doctor and then buy the malaria tablets from a pharmacy, with your prescription.