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We are supporting the work of InterCare, a charity that recycles surplus quality medical supplies and donates aid to African health units.

UPDATE: Please note, Intercare are NO LONGER able to accept medicines.  You can find a list of what items can be donated here.

If you wish to know more about InterCare, please visit their website by clicking here.


Accountable GP

All patients have an accountable GP.  However, all our patients are free to see any Health Care professional within the practice subject to appointment availability and you do not need to wait to see only your accountable GP.

If you wish to know the name of your accountable GP, please ask at reception.


Risk Profiling

Crossley Street Surgery is taking part in a new NHS service that helps your GP to spot whether you need more help to manage your health. This service is called “Risk Profiling”.

Using information from your health records, a secure NHS computer system will look at any recent treatments you have had in hospital or at this surgery, and any existing health conditions that you have, and alert your doctor to the likelihood of a possible future hospital admission. This information will help you get early care and treatment where it is needed.

If you don’t want your information being used in this way, or have any other concerns, please contact Beth Rudkin, IT Administrator, at the practice.


Medication Reviews

Medication reviews are GP initiated, based on a thorough review of a patient’s record. Please book a GP medication review appointment only if requested to do so by the practice.

Text Messaging

The practice is now offering a free text messaging service that will make it easier for you, as a patient, and your GP Surgery to keep in touch. Users of this service will receive a text message reminder the day before your GP or nurse appointment and we may also text you about other health care matters, such as asking you to bring documents or samples with you on your next visit, or periodically collecting important data to update your medical record. PLEASE ENSURE THAT WE HAVE YOUR UP-TO-DATE MOBILE PHONE NUMBER.

We respect the fact that not everyone wishes to use this service. If you do not wish to receive text messages, please contact us.


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